Company Vision

Vision and Values:

AATCO’s Vision is to be known for outstanding quality of our products and services that meet or exceed our customer expectations. Simply put, to experience the sheer joy of creating high quality food products that we would be proud to serve at our homes to our children, family and friends.

Our vision will be supported by our Values that convey what we stand for & believe in and are the bedrock of the organizational culture:

  • Consistency and reliability as a source of high quality products, providing for high customer satisfaction
  • Dedication and attention to details to arrive at a sustainable high quality
  • Innovate constantly to prosper individually & collectively
  • Hard work, honesty and continuous self-improvement
  • A deep Respect for the individual, encouraging individual ability and creativity

AATCO will be known as the first Middle-East origin Multinational organization making high quality products for our consumers the world over, taking pride in our products and forever looking to grow across geographic boundaries.

We will have the flexibility & agility of a lean company and use scale & strengths of a large organization to be amongst the top five brands in every market/product that we serve. Twenty years from now, our brands will be as well known as any in the world and will stand for high quality & great customer satisfaction.

The AATCO team will be known to work and think as any other Multinational operation, being truly professional using best practices at work, assist each other by mutual co-operation & respect each other’s capabilities, have purpose of assignment and a collective common vision. Each and every AATCO employee will be known to have high ethical standards & morals as demonstrated to colleagues, supervisors, suppliers and customers.


AATCO will be a performance driven and customer-focused organization by setting, measuring and achieving goals, whilst adhering to business values. This in turn will result in AATCO achieving its business strategy and vision, with a sustainable profitable growth and mitigating risk.

AATCO uses the Balanced Scorecard strategic tool to map and build world class relationships with all internal and external customers. The BSC is adopted across both divisions of AATCO, the Consumer Products division and the Food Solutions division. Whilst Consumer Products division is retail-consumer-centric and Food Solutions looks into the needs of the foodservice industry, the common strategy drivers remain, Organic Growth from Product Range expansion, Organic Growth from Geographic increased coverage, Low-cost-per-unit Philosophy with sustainable high Quality orientation, Brand Delicio growth, Inorganic business & Mergers/Acquisition opportunities identification in line with current business or resource synergies.