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AATCO LLC, an Ali & Abdul Karim Group Company, organized a 2-day team building workshop for its staff at the Al Nahda Resorts and Spa, Barka on 13th and 14th August

AATCO’s week-end get-together with families of all staff of AATCO/Remal Muttrah/Majan Plastic was a recognition of 3 aspects. 1) Recognition of a good performance by the team so far this year despite the global recession around us – sometimes it does become important to recognize good work in a way the team feels re-assured about their importance and contribution 2) Recognition of the family values of this organization by inviting all staff families into this gathering, those families who support us all during our long hours at work…they do need to rewarded for their patience and contribution and 3) Recognition of our own potential as a team to break new grounds, if & only if we can all work on critical aspects of Inter-dependency between our various inter-dependent functions, Trust in the abilities and potential of each team member and Effective Communication which does not get delayed by bureaucracy in a flexible, world-class organization. By way of simple team games, the team gathered more insights into aspects of Inter-dependency, Trust & Communication which will help in the future interactions and allow greater focus to achieve the company’s Vision.

A special and unique CX3 Corporate Challenge game specially adapted for TEAM AATCO was conducted for the first time in Oman on 13th August evening by Steve Del Toro. Steve, who is a professional hunter licensed by the Australian government, a combat Instructor who has worked with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a Desert survivalist and adventurer, a competitive athlete, a no-holds barred fighter who has appeared in 4 martial art action movies and is a 2X world record holder, conducted this unique team game which covered 4 legs, each of which focused on specific aspects of team dynamics…

  • Leg 1 (demonstrated use of resources, leadership and delegative skills, team approach to fixing a problem)
  • Leg 2 (demonstrated creative usage of available resources and pooling into team communication strengths)
  • Leg 3 (involved all team members in a co-ordinated relay thus demonstrating again team delegation and communication to do a task effectively)
  • Leg 4 (demonstrated ingenuity and innovation that can come from just about anyone within the group whether big or small, man or woman, junior or senior)