Brand Essence
Brand Essence
Offering very high quality products against the internationally available benchmarks at truly affordable price.

Trends of Brand Delicio
Delicio is a premium transnational Brand , positioned against Multinational offerings .

Brand Delicio is present in 40 countries across Middle East / Africa / European Union across 40000 trade outlets & consumed by 30 million consumers.

Fastest growing Brand in the Category in last 3 years with a Multifold growth of over 20 times, Delicio  has seen over 60 new line extensions in the past year or so, developed indigenously through a start-of-art laboratory and qualified food technologists.

Delicio is available in an extensive range which includes, Tomato Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Hot Sauce, Vinegar , Exotic Sauces, Salad Dressings and other specialised Foodservice & consumer products.

Delicio  was present in 15 countries at the end of 2004 and in 20 countries at the end of 2005 and as of now it is present in 40 countries a pheneomenal growth in its market presence in just 2 years. It is a reflection of the fast acceptance of the brand across cultures and nationalities due to its simple brand proposition of being truly premium in quality without being premium in prices!