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Ali & Abdul Karim Group (AAKGC) is an award winning, dynamic, fast growing manufacturing and services group that has established an international reputation for high quality of products and services offered at reasonable prices, made possible by cutting-edge technology & innovation mediated by a high caliber workforce.

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AATCO awarded the Best Website in FMCG Category by winning the Gold Award at the recently Held "Oman Web Awards"
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    Welcome Message & Introduction

Dear website visitor,

Welcome to the Ali & Abdul Karim Group of Companies (AAKGC) Website.

We are an entrepreneurial group headed by pro-active investors whose philosophy is to be the first to exploit global and regional opportunities and consolidate through strategic development and professional management of our businesses.

As a diversified group we provide high quality manufactured products and high quality services to international standards in global markets at reasonable prices.

This unbeatable combination of quality products offered at reasonable price makes for excellent market acceptability of our products. This would be of interest to visitors to our website who are looking for products to market profitably or for use in their manufacturing processes.

We are particularly interested in prospective customers from unrepresented markets in order to meet the latent demand for our products in such markets. If you feel you are such a potential customer, we would like to hear from you with the relevant details about your existing business and your business proposal.

If you are a supplier of high quality raw materials at reasonable prices which are required by our manufacturing industries, then our site would be of interest to you since we have a policy of continually expanding our supplier base. In the ‘suppliers’ page you will find a list of raw materials and other inputs that we purchase on an on-going basis. It is may be reassuring to know that we are excellent paymasters.

You may be a person looking for a rewarding career with a professional group. As a rapidly growing group, career opportunities are constantly opening up. Please look under ‘Careers’ page, perhaps you may find an opening of interest to you, in which case please get in touch with us.

Irrespective of whether you are a prospective customer, supplier or employee we believe in and actively work towards fostering long term partnerships.

We take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website and trust you will find it useful, informative and of enduring benefit to you.

Yours sincerely,


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Last Updated on : 2nd December 2014